Distributor for Dunkin’ To Expand National Network in Texas

A significant milestone is on the horizon for Dunkin’ franchisees in Texas as National DCP, a leading food service distributor, embarks on the construction of its newest distribution hub in North Texas. This strategic move is poised to bolster the coffee chain’s expansion in the region, promising enhanced service and operational efficiency.

Breaking Ground in Burleson

National DCP has commenced work on a state-of-the-art 79,296-square-foot distribution center in Burleson, Texas, situated just outside of Fort Worth. Slated for completion by fall 2025, this facility marks a pivotal addition to the company’s national network. The city of Burleson has earmarked a 13.1-acre site at 3005 S. Interstate 35W within the Highpoint East Business Park for this $25 million development, which is backed by an economic incentive agreement.

Strategic Location and Economic Incentives

The Burleson distribution center will be National DCP’s 10th facility in the United States, positioning the company to serve 58% of the U.S. population within a single day’s transit time. As part of the economic incentive agreement, the city of Burleson plans to award $400,000 in incentives contingent upon the company meeting specified performance thresholds and deadlines.

Stephen Down, CEO of National DCP, highlighted the strategic advantage of the Burleson location, stating that it will enable the logistics firm to “better serve members throughout Texas and the region.” The centralized location is expected to streamline the distribution process, enhancing service delivery to Dunkin’ franchisees.

Driving Dunkin’s Expansion

National DCP plays a crucial role in Dunkin’s ambitious growth strategy. According to the company’s website, Dunkin’ aims to open 400 new stores annually, a goal supported by National DCP’s efficient sourcing and distribution of food and non-food products to franchisees. Currently, National DCP supports over 10,000 Dunkin’ stores across 40 countries, underscoring its pivotal role in the brand’s global operations.

Facility Features and Development

The new distribution center in Burleson is designed to include freezer, cooler, and dry storage spaces, along with office facilities. This comprehensive setup ensures that National DCP can maintain the high standards of service and quality that Dunkin’ franchisees have come to expect.

The construction of this new facility is being undertaken by ARCO Design/Build, a firm renowned for its expertise in developing large-scale industrial projects. This collaboration promises to deliver a top-tier distribution hub that will significantly enhance National DCP’s logistical capabilities in Texas and beyond.

The construction of National DCP’s new distribution center in Burleson, Texas, is a significant step forward in supporting Dunkin’s expansion efforts. With a strategically chosen location and robust economic incentives, this new facility is set to play a crucial role in the efficient distribution of products to Dunkin’ franchisees, ensuring that the beloved coffee chain continues to thrive and grow. As the project progresses towards its 2025 completion, the anticipation builds for the positive impact it will have on Dunkin’s operations and presence in Texas.

Source: Distributor for Dunkin’ To Expand National Network in Texas from Co-Star

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